Green New Deal comes to RI

Welcome to our new Nation Builder website for the Green Party of Rhode Island.  Continue reading

Greens work with the alt-right? No way!

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Greg Gerrittt on STATE OF THE STATE

Longtime Green Greg Gerritt appeared on the local television show State of the State. Continue reading

The State of Black Families in Rhode Island

Last month, the Economic Progress Institute issued an important new report, The State of Black Families in Rhode Island: Left Behind But Making Strides. It is a substantial and important document that carries in it many vital facts that are worthy of careful study and understanding. The web page hosting the report at EPI says the following:   Continue reading

Reality Check: Time for Radical Resistance and Green-Left Collaboration Panel with Jill Stein, Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin

This video was filmed at Left Forum 2017. The converging crises of fascism, endless war, climate change, mass migrations, and economic/racial/gender oppression create unprecedented urgency for united, radical action – in the street and in the voting booth. At previous Left Forums – and over the past many decades – progressives have debated the merits of working to “reform” the Democratic Party versus building a united independent radical political front. Continue reading

Perspectives on Standing Rock

On May 20 Greens went to the Tomaquag museum to view a presentation on Standing Rock. Here is a video from our good friend John Gonzalez. Continue reading

Why the Green Party of RI is a Different Type of Party

Why is the Green Party different from the Democratic Party? What makes them so special? It's a worthwhile question that cuts to the core of why we exist. In order to provide an answer, I wanted to syndicate a section of an interview by Kwame Rose from last summer's Green Party national convention featuring Bruce Dixon, a member of the Georgia Green Party. While Dixon covers a variety of points that can be better understood by viewing the entire interview, one point in particular he mentions is quite informative and worthwhile for these purposes.   Continue reading

Greg Gerritt on the PawSox

Recently the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Triple-A field team for the Boston club, have come forward yet again with a proposal for taxpayers to finance the construction of a new stadium. Two years ago the team was arguing for the same thing but at a site located in Providence. Here we are going to syndicate the analysis of longtime Green Greg Gerritt, who was deeply involved in the opposition two years ago. Continue reading

Green Party of the U.S. supports hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners

Greens alarmed by proposed "Jewish State" bill to intensify Israeli apartheid WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders today expressed solidarity for Palestinian hunger strikers in their demand for improved prison conditions and treatment during their incarceration, including visitation rights. In New Jersey, Greens participated in the "Salt Water Challenge" announced by Aarab Barghouti, son of Palestinian political prisoner Marwan Barghouti, in solidarity with the Dignity Strike prisoners. Continue reading