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Get involved by coming to Green Party of Rhode Island events and build YOUR party for the 99%!

We have members who live across the state so we can try to help you get a ride if you need and we try to hold our events as close to main public transit lines as possible. We are a people-powered party that is here for all!

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    1. We are uniting as a Green Party in solidarity to recognize 25 years of dedication, commitment, and hard work so to plan for the future.
    2. Peace, ecology, social justice, and democracy define our efforts.
    3. Let us therefore stand together to build a better, safer, saner world in 2018 and beyond.

     If you received a postcard invitation, register here and bring the postcard to gain free entry to event on day of.

    This is an event for Greens, Green voters, and progressives
    from across New England and the nation
    to come together at for celebration intended
    to produce plans for the upcoming
    2018 electoral season and beyond!


    Keynote Speakers
    2016 Green Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees
    Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka!

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