What is a Green Party Caucus? The word "caucus" can have a number of different meanings in a political context. For example, the "Iowa caucuses" are an electoral event in which Iowans elect delegates from each precinct to their county conventions, which eventually select delegates to the Presidential conventions.

In the Green Party, caucuses function as Identity Caucuses: a grouping of Greens, not explicitly ideological in nature, that has historically failed to attain adequate access to power in society at-large and/or within the Green movement. Currently, the national party includes Black, Latinx, Lavender, Women's and Youth Caucuses.

Caucuses help bring greater diversity to the Green Party, and help ensure that the Green Party is hearing from historically under-represented people and taking up their concerns and needs. They allow people who identify as Black, LGBT, women, youth, or Latinx as well as Green to come together in their own space within the party. Among their possible activities:

  • They may promote the Green Party in their communities and recruit new members.
  • They may give a voice to their members within the Green Party, through membership on the National Committee and other leadership bodies, or taking positions on certain proposals or internal policy matters.
  • They may promote policy issues that matter to their members within or outside the Party
  • They may recruit or promote candidates and officeholders that represent their communities.

Each caucus has its own mission statement and activities. Feel free to contact them as indicated below. If you are interested in starting a new caucus, please email the Accreditation Committee at: click here

We need people who are members of each national caucus to make reports to the Rhode Island Greens on a regular basis.
This means we need your help! Please consider joining a national caucus to begin work in
the Green Party of Rhode Island!

Bylaws Reference


1. Definitions

The term "state" as used in these bylaws shall refer to any state, commonwealth, district or territory entitled to voting representation or non-voting delegate status in the United States House of Representatives.

The term "underrepresented group" as used in these bylaws shall refer to any grouping of Greens, not explicitly ideological in nature, that has historically failed to attain adequate access to power in society at-large and/or within the Green movement, as determined by the National Committee.

2. National Committee

The National Committee of the Green Party of the United States shall consist of the representatives of state parties and accredited caucuses of underrepresented groups.

Latinx Caucus

Estamos organizando un caucus de Latinos dentro de el Comite Nacional del Partido Verde de Los Estados Unidos. Si eres Latina/o y eres miembro del Partido Verde en tu estado - o quieres ser miembro- y tienes interes en particpar en este caucus, por favor dejanos saber.

Latino / Latina Green Party members are interested in forming a caucus to move the Green Party forward and we are excited to work together to discuss and share solutions. We want to unite, empower and expand the the identity of Latinos and Latinas in the Green Party.

We invite and urge Latinx people to utilize our cultural values as our strengths; including our experiences, hardships and contributions, not only with one another but with the Green Party. We feel that it is essential to have a Latinx Caucus organized, accredited, and active in Green Party organizing and decision making. It's time for us to embrace and celebrate our heritage and apply our ideas to advance our people and our growing Green Party.

The formation of the Latinx Caucus was approved by the NC on September 20, 2015.

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LAVGREENS.jpgLavender Greens

Mission Statement

To promote the 4 Pillars and the Ten Key Values of the Green Party.

To promote issues of interest to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Asexual (LGBT*QIA+) Greens.

To facilitate communication and coordination amongst LGBT*QIA+ individuals and caucuses (or equivalent) within state Green Party organizations.

To appoint a delegate and alternate delegate to the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

To appoint representatives to all national Green Party committees (and equivalents) to educate on, advocate for, and represent LGBT*QIA+interests and issues.

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Young Caucus

Mission Statement

The Young Greens work to engage youth in Green issues and gives its members a voice within the GPUS. Membership is open to United States youth age 14-35 who identify as Green, support the Green Party's Ten Key Values, and generally agree with the platform of the GPUS and the mission of the Youth Caucus. Individuals meeting these criteria can join the Young Greens by submitting a signup form.

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Black Caucus

Mission Statement

The mission of the Black Caucus of the Green Party of the United States (BC-GPUS) is to maximize the participation of men and women of African and African American descent in the political and policy-making process of the Green Party of the United States. It is further to introduce the Ten Key Green Values and the Green Party Platform to the African American community. The mission of BC-GPUS is to increase the participation and election victories in United States electoral politics of African and African Americans who support the GPUS Platform, and to ensure that the GPUS conducts and implements programs that concretize its platform in the interests of communities of African-American and African descent addressing community needs and disparities.

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National Women's Caucus

Mission Statement

The NWC will organize and act to advance Women's rights and concerns within the Party and in the country at large with the ultimate goals of maximizing the Women's vote for the Green Party, participation of Women at all levels of the Party and a voter, activist, leadership, candidate and officeholder base of Women that is reflective of the great diversity of this nation. Membership | Bylaws

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