Why the Green Party of RI is a Different Type of Party

Why is the Green Party different from the Democratic Party? What makes them so special?

It's a worthwhile question that cuts to the core of why we exist.

In order to provide an answer, I wanted to syndicate a section of an interview by Kwame Rose from last summer's Green Party national convention featuring Bruce Dixon, a member of the Georgia Green Party. While Dixon covers a variety of points that can be better understood by viewing the entire interview, one point in particular he mentions is quite informative and worthwhile for these purposes.



DIXON: What can we come to you with and say, 'hey Kwame, you should try to organize in your block! We should try to help you organize, you know, in your hood here and in your city. And you could say, 'well, like, but dude. You're not here. You're somewhere else. You want to stay away from us.'

ROSE: Well, I think that could be said about the Green Party in a lot of Black communities already.

DIXON: Yeah. Well no, because it's not the job of white people to come and organize Black communities. It never has been the job of white people to come and organize Black communities. It's the job of activists in those communities to organize their neighborhoods, their cities, their towns, their small towns, their rural areas. It's our job to do that and it's our job to organize something in Black communities that's independent of the current Black leadership class, that's independent of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Black mayors, the Black state senators and state reps and aldermen.

And that's what the Green Party has got to do. That's what independent activists in these Black communities have got to do, and those will be the people who can walk into the Green Party and bring their space with them. [Emphasis added]

So it's not a question of white people making space for you. Nobody makes- I mean, I was in the Black Panther Party 50 years ago. We didn't wait for anybody to make space for us in the movement. We made our own space and stepped to it, and young people today, they could do the same.

Believe it, these young people are capable of that. They really are. And, you know, we've got faith in them. The best young people of every age are always impatient with injustice, and that applies to this age too. And we've got the faith and confidence in them that they will step up.

This is what makes the Green Party different from the Democrats and their various progressive auxiliaries. The Democrats expect you to show up every two years, cast a ballot, and go home without any complaints later. When progressives raise concerns about corporate favoritism that harms various minority populations and demographics that in fact make up a major section of the Democratic voter base, the fight with the Democratic leadership superstructure can be prolonged, aggravating, and even end in defeat for progressives.

We have seen time and again how Wall Street has trumped Main Street's concerns, be it the case of austerity financial policies in various municipalities, fossil fuel infrastructure expansion in Burrillville and South Providence, a new baseball stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox, or Gina Raimondo's pension "reform" heist that deducts money from a unionized teacher's pay stub so to finance the busting of their own unions via hedge fund backing of local charter schools.

We are the Party of people, peace, and planet for activists and organizers to hang their hat with. We will never throw you under the bus so to retain corporate donations. We respect and honor minority populations that have historically been Other-ed by the ruling elites and try to center their voices in our decision making and activism.

With these things in mind, we will hope you would seriously consider joining the Green Party for our 2018 campaign!

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