Green New Deal comes to RI

Welcome to our new Nation Builder website for the Green Party of Rhode Island. 

We are excited and happy to take advantage of a platform and toolset that will help us build the Green Party of Rhode Island into a mass-movement for people, peace, and planet in the Ocean State. For over 20 years we have have been involved with a variety of coalitions and efforts to create progressive change in the Ocean State.

As part of our strategy for 2018 we are going to utilize the Green Party Platform 2016 document to develop a detailed plan of action for what a Green New Deal would look like in Rhode Island. The Green Platform 2016 document is located here:

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  • commented 2017-09-26 15:06:09 -0400
    Sorry- although I do support much ( not all) of your platform , I cannot support a group who supports Jill Stein- who I describe as Sarah Palin with, I guess, a few more brain cells