Greg Gerrittt on STATE OF THE STATE

Longtime Green Greg Gerritt appeared on the local television show State of the State.


Guests: Greg Gerritt, Director of Research for
Mike Stenhouse, CEO-RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Our guests differ widely on the methods needed to promote the RI economy. However, they agree that RI government is failing to promote the economy and its approach to economic development is wrongheaded. Gerrit asserts that our political leaders do not understand the true nature of where the current economy is going and that whatever growth there is will be minimal. Stenhouse agrees that understanding is poor but believes that there is room for substantial growth. They agree that different things have to be done but they disagree on what those methods should be. The juxtaposition of their views is educating.

6-26-17 RI Economy and Economic Development from John Carlevale on Vimeo.

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