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   Three members of the North Carolina legislature have proposed a ban on same-sex marriage in the state (LAT Apr 13 A11).
   The 1st open Lesbian bishop in the United Methodist Church, Karen Oliveto, will be subjected to a disciplinary review because she is married to another woman (LAT Apr 30 A14). Her flock is in the Denver area. It rejects the current Church proscription against homosexual clergy.

  The South Africa Appeals Court decided on Apr 4 that LGBT rights are covered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act amidst right-wing church protests (LAT Apr 6 A10).
  Three Gay activists were killed and 100 detained in Chechnya though its leader claimed that there were no Gays living in Chechnya (Time Apr 17 p14; Blade Apr p13).
  British writer Denton Welch, a model for William S Burroughs, was profiled in Out (May) p42.
  Canadian Lesbian author Margaret Attwood received recognition for The Handmaid’s Tale of 1984 that will be remade into a show (Time Apr 24 p45; LAT Apr 19  A15).
  Elton John has reissued his 1970 live album 17-11-70 (LAT Apr 21 E2).

  Time’s 100 Most Influential People (May 1) included: Glenda Grey on p18 (HIV scientist); Gavin Grimm, 17, on p20 (Virginia trans who precipitated the Title IX debates on washroom use); Bob Ferguson on p28 (Washington State Attny General who supported LGBTs in a 2013 florist case and who banned Trump’s initial travel ban on Muslims); singer Demi Lovato, 24, on p43; Canadian Lesbian feminist writer Margaret Attwood on p138; and drag queen RuPaul on p149.
  The NCAA has ended its ban on basketball championships in North Carolina because it lifted its washroom law even though it also forbade LGBT civil rights until after 2020 (Time Apr 17 p6;  LAT Apr 5 D8;  Blade Apr p12). California will continue its boycott (LAT Apr 17 B3).
   Trump’s appointment of anti-LGBT personnel in his Government came under fire from the Spring Intelligence Report Editorial.  That issue that summarized 2016 also mentioned anti-LGBT actions on p6 (Phyllis Schlafy’s death), 7(Steven Hotze, Theodore Shoebat, Facebook and Google), 8 (Orlando Pulse nightclub shootings), 10 (at least 26 Transgender murders), 11 (Milo Yiannopoulos),22 (Ryan Sorba), 26 (Lisa Miller/Janet Jenkins custody case),34 (Trump election after-effects), 37 (Trump’s anti-LGBT actions-Kenneth Blackwell appointment), 42 (anti-LGBT groups), foldout map at p42 (52 anti-LGBT groups spelled out on p51, 7 in California), 67 (3 incidents from  July-Dec), 68 (5 from  July-Dec).
Trump’s transgenderphobic and other anti-LGBT policies were criticized by Rage Apr p47; Adelante Apr p17,22,Blade Apr p3,5,6,13,14,The Pride  Apr 4 p19 (2)
   Lesbian comedienne Margaret Cho lashed out on Twitter at the Pepsi sugarcoated advertisement on immigrants, race, and women’s rights, with the ad being soon pulled (Time Apr 17 p6).
  Sesame Street was heralded for its characters­Kami for a HIV positive muppet on the South African show Takalani Sesame  (Time Apr 17 pp44-48).
  Scandal has touched the 8-person race for mayor of Seattle in its July 1 primary with the current Gay mayor Ed Murray (who has a husband Michael Shiosaki) running for reelection until 3 men came forward with allegations that Murray had nonconsensual sex with them when they were minors in Portland Ore some 3 decades ago (LAT Apr 14 A8).  The Seattle Times has called on Murray to drop out. Socialist Seattle Council member Kahama Sawant stated the rape claims should be investigated.
  The Apr 12  Survivor episode featured outing a transgender show contestant Zeke Smith who had stated he was Gay (LAT Apr 14 E2).
  Tom Attwood’s new book Kings and Queens in Their Castles contains photos of famous LGBTs in their homes (LAT Apr 15 F8).
  Clean needles are being dispensed by vending machine in Las Vegas to prevent the spread of HIV by drug addicts (LAT Apr 18 A7).
  The fallout from the Oakland Ghost Ship fatal fire continued (LAT Apr 3 B4;  Daily Bruin Apr 20 p1).
  A murder trial began in San Diego with the accused, David Meza, alleged to have killed his Texan sugar Daddy boyfriend, Jake Merendino, while his girlfriend was pregnant with his child, and is also accused of forging his boyfriend’s will that left all assets to Meza (LAT Apr 12 B3).
  The Palm Springs Hot Rodeo will be on May 11-14 at the AC Dysart Equestrian Center in Banning (Rage Apr p44).
  Lady GaGa substituted for Beyonce at Coachella and also did benefits fo mental health (LAT Apr 16 P5;Apr 17 E1,E6;Apr 19  E4;Apr 23 F4(cartoon);Apr 24 E1;     Daily Bruin Apr 21 p1; Apr 24 p6; ). Frank Ocean also performed at Coachella.

  A rally of some 50 activists for Trans Resistance against Trump’s reversal of the Obama Trans Executive Order was held at Santa Monica City Hall on Apr 1 from noon (Changelinks Apr p4;Blade Apr p4;The Pride  Apr 4 p14). It was organized by the Stonewall and Santa Monica Democrats. There were 15 speakers.
  The Stuart Timmons memorial on Apr 2 at One Archives was packed.  John Fleck did a performance piece inspired by Timmons entitled the Toilet Roll Queen. Many Timmons family members spoke. Bill Fishman, his chief caregiver along with Gay Timmons, stripped to his skivvies in Gay salute.  Joey Cain provided the Radical Faerie Benediction.
   The UCLA-based Williams Institute issued a report that showed LGBTs were more often victims of violence than straights­11 times for the same age boys, and 2-3 times more likely to be arrested and detained for  more than 1 year (Daily Bruin Apr 5 p1).
  Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof mounted by Antaeus Theatre was still lauded as “smoldering” (LAT Apr 5 E6).
  Hate crimes against LGBTs that totaled 61(8 transgender) in Los Angeles City in 2016 rose by 24.5% relative to 2015 (LAT Apr 6 B3;  Daily Bruin Apr 11 p3). Racially motivated crimes also rose by 18.5% (54 total), & there was a 64% surge in aggravated assaults (36).
  Gay California composer Lou Harrison 1917-2003 and his musical legacy were discussed in LAT Apr 6 E1. for the 100th anniversary of his May birth.  He studied with Gay composer Henry Cowell, palled around with John Cage, and then studied with Arnold Schoenberg at UCLA. He made Aptos near Santa Cruz his headquarters after earning his spurs in San Francisco followed by a depressing decade on the east coast.  The LA Philharmonic will give its 1st staging to his Young Caesar opera in June.
  The Los Angeles Center’s LGBT Center’s pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) campaign was presented in Vanguard Spring pp8-11.
  The gender-bending in the animated feature Your Name directed by Makoto Shinkai was discussed in LAT Apr 7 E4.
  The tumultuous life of John Rechy, 85, the author of City of Night (1963), was examined as part of the publication of his new novel After The Blue Hour that has a hero called John Rechy (LAT Apr 9 F8).
  The 2017 AIDS Dance Marathon at UCLA bagged $434,515 (Daily Bruin Apr 10 p1,5,6,7).
  LGBT civil rights were supported in an LA Times editorial (LAT Apr 11 A8).
  LGBT safe spaces were mentioned in Daily Bruin Apr 14 B7.
  A Los Angeles real estate donor to Mitch O’Farrell’s campaign for reelection as a Los Angeles City Councilman has been fined for exceeding the authorized donor limits (LAT Apr 14 B1).
  The play The Legend of Georgia McBride directed by Mike Donahue at the Geffen features an Elvis impersonator almost on the skids being provided career advice by a drag queen a la Tootsie and Some Like It Hot  (LAT Apr 14 E14; LA Weekly Apr 21 p28). It plays through May 31.
  The Los Angeles LGBT Center at Ed Gould Plaza was sprayed with “Fuck Trannies” graffiti in Feb (The Fight Apr p20).
  The WeHo assault of RuPaul DragCon contestants Valentina and Trinity Taylor and producer Jason King by an unnamed person was reported in The Fight Apr p20. RuPaul’s DragCon is on Apr 29-30 at the LA Convention Center (The Pride Apr 4 p9).
   George Takei’s life and work were on show at the Japanese American National Museum through Aug 20 (The Pride Apr 4 p5).
   Former Episcopal Bishop Frederick Borsch, 81, who died on Apr 14 crusaded for LGBT rights in Los Angeles as an ally during the age of the Matthew Shepard actions (LAT Apr 15 B1).
   Film Director John Waters signed his latest book Make Trouble at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd on Apr 25 (LA Weekly Apr 21 p21).
   Iggy Pop’s 70th birthday on Apr 21 was hailed by devotee Henry Rollins in LA Weekly Apr 21 p40.  Iggy Pop’s most influential albums were Fun House and Raw Power.  He is still performing as part of his band The Stooges. James Williamson is the other core survivor from the 70s.
   A regular UCLA Student Residences Drag Show has been operating (Daily Bruin Apr 21 p1).
   The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles got a good plug in LAT Apr 23 F1 for its performance of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, based on David Bowie’s 1972 album, at the Renberg Theatre.  The director is Lindsey Denton, 61, who came out as trans in Cincinnati in 2013, and after being fired there by St Peter in Chains Roman Catholic Cathedral as Contempory Music Director moved with her partner of 37 years, Joan and their 2 daughters to Los Angeles where she founded the LA Trans Chorus in late 2015.   .There are some 30 current members.
The film Below Her Mouth directed by Stephanie Fabrizi depicts a Sapphic tryst and was given a very luke-warm review in LAT Apr  29 E2.
   Caitlyn Jenner will be in Los Angeles on May 2 7:30p at the Ace Hotel on Broadway to be interviewed by Buzz Bissinger her co-author on her book The Secrets of My Life (LA Weekly Apr 28 p24).

   Carl Maravilla, 57, died on Mar 7 in Redondo Beach from infection after heart surgery, leaving his husband of 27 years, Henri Faucher. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  He worked in TRW for 20 years. Om 2002, he branched out as a Private Financial Advisor. He ran in the Gay Games and accumulated gold, silver, and bronze medals.  He was a member of Los Angeles Frontrunners and Club Rotario de Latino Unidos.

   Artist, designer, writer and photographer Walt Cessna, 53, died of AIDS in New York City on Mar 21. He styled the Nine Inch Nails‘ Downward Spiral Tour, dated  Mario Testino when 18, hustled in San Francisco, and photographed in New York City.  He also was an addict.

  Marvin Schulman, 85, died on Mar 24, survived by his former spouse Garry Lynn Diamond.  He attended UCLA in 1956, served 2 tears in th Army, and then frduated fr  YSC , and taught for 36 years at the LAUSD, and then mentored  new teachers for 20 years after retirement in 1993.  He was a fervent Democrat.

   Jerry Primack, 74, died on Mar 31 in Los Angeles, joining his partner Tom Filauro.   He settled in Los Angeles in the 70s and launched a real estate career at Harleigh Sandler Co, helped open John Aaroe Co, and invested in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Palm Springs and Chicago.
   William Redus, 99, died on Mar 31 in We Ho, joining his life partner Edward Tavant. He graduated from Paris Jr College in Paris, Texas, was drafted into the U.S. air force, and discharged in 1945.  In 1947 he enrolled in the School of Apparel Design at UCLA, and spent over 30 years in the garment industry after graduation. He retired to WeHo.

   Frank Reed, 70, died on Apr 1 in Northridge, leaving his partner of 28 years, Dan Loughry. He attended the University of Toledo and the Universal of Cincinnati, worked as a religious teacher and then a marketing executive, with a wide range of interests from real estate to travel to collecting art glass from around the world. He and Dan moved to Los Angeles in 1992, where he remained an active parishioner of Saint Andrew Russian Greek Catholic Church.

  William Putney, 87, died on Apr 11 in Los Angeles leaving his partner of 52 years, William Tamkin.  He completed Lowell High School in San Francisco & graduated from USC. He served in the U.S. Air Force in the Korean War.  Putney and Tamkin owned Personality Travel and Tours in WeHo that operated for over 30 years.  After they retired they made their home in Dana Point. Putney was an volunteer for Laguna Shanti.

  Producer & talent manager Sandy Gallin, 76, died of multiple myeloma on Apr 21 in New York, leaving his spouse since Feb 11 2011 actor & artist, Bryan Fox.  He graduated from Boston U in 1962, then joined the mailroom of General Artists Corp & became a Board member & Vice President. He started Katz Gatlin with his cousin Raymond Katz in 1970, a venture that lasted 14 years. He produced over 20 movies (including Father of the Bride; Buffy The Vampire Slayer), TV shows (including What’s My Line; To Tell The Truth; The Ed Sullivan Show) as well as Broadway plays, & was the CEO of Mirage Enter-tainment and Sports. He managed such stars as Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Cher, Neil Diamond, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Donny & Marie Osmond, Howie Mandel, Joan Rivers, Olivia Newton-John, Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg.. In the 90s he became a real estate designer of luxury homes. In 1998-1999, he worked with Steve Wynn to create Broadway style shows for Las Vegas.  In 1997, he was sued by two former employees alleging sexual harassment, & he countersued. He won an Emmy Award.  He produced the Oscar winning AIDS documentary Common  Threads: Stories from The Quilt.

   Mel Risher, 79, died on Apr 23 in Los Angeles leaving his life partner, Carl Baker and joining his former partner Forrest Freed.  He was born in N. Carolina, grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and lived in Santa Monica, Malibu, and West Los Angeles.  He attended UCLA, got his BA degree from California State University Northridge, and his MA degree from Pepperdine U.  He worked in the LAUSD as both teacher and administrator. After moving to Santa Monica in 1964 he was a member on many educational organizations especially Latino ones. 


  Climate change continued to be controversial with Trump verbally opposing the 2015 Paris climate pact cosigned by 197 countries -- many directing their investments into renewable energies-- and reversing some of Obama’s Executive Orders on the topic (LAT Apr 2 A2;Apr 8 A2;Apr 12 A3;Apr 13 A1;Apr 15 A1,B2;Apr 16 B1;Apr 19  A14;Apr 27 A3;Apr 28 A1;  Daily Bruin Apr 28 p3).
  Venezuela continued to be fractious as it prepared to leave the Organization of American States (LAT Apr 2 A3;Apr 7 A2(photo);Apr 9 A3;Apr 16 A3;     Apr 19  A3;Apr 20 A3;Apr 21 A1;Apr 23 A3(photo);Apr 25 A1;Apr 28 A3).
  The Ecuador Presidential election appeared to result in a narrow victory (1.1%) for the sitting Vice-President Lenin Moreno on Apr 2 but his rival, a right-wing businessman, demanded a recount (LAT Apr 3 A3). 
  Corruption in Brazil expanded with probes of 8 cabinet ministers (LAT Apr 13 A6).
  European Community economic and political stability loomed large with political election skirmishing in France (April 23 primary with 11 candidates and the May 7 runoff between right-winger Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron) and in Germany, and with Britain having a snap election on June 8 (Time Apr 24 p9;  LAT Apr 6 A13;Apr 12 A3;Apr 19  A2(photo),A3;Apr 20 A2(photo),A3, A13;Apr 21 A3;Apr 22 A2(2),Apr 23 A1,A21;Apr 24 A1,A3;Apr 25 A2,A11;Apr 26 A2;Apr 29 A3;Apr 30 A3;   Daily Bruin Apr 25 p3).
  There is still opposition to the peace deal with rebels in Colombia (LAT Apr 21 A1).
  Earth Day around the world on Apr 22 decried the continuing deforestation of many areas especially Brazil, Thailand, Congo, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Western and Sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Russia and Eastern Europe (LAT Apr 22 A2). Some 600 cities around the world mounted Marches for Science including Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Sydney (Australia), Berlin, Geneva,  (LAT Apr 22 B2;Apr 23 A7,B1(2)).

At least twenty Greens ran in April 4 elections in California, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin, with at least eight elected
In Illinois seven Greens were elected - including five first-time candidates and two of four incumbents, bringing the total number of Greens currently holding elected office in Illinois to nine
In Wisconsin one Green was elected - one of two incumbents was re-elected, bringing the total number of Greens currently holding elected office in Wisconsin to four
These results brings the number of Greens elected in 2017 to ten out of 29 candidates running so far, a winning percentage of 34.5%; with one additional Green in California appointed in 2017 to elected office.
This brings the total number of Greens holding elected office in the U.S. as of mid-April 2017 at least 133 in 19 states  Among them are five county supervisors, 18 city council members and 30 school board members.  Other Greens running in spring 2017 elections will be in May 6 - TX (1);May 8 - MA (1);May 10 - MA (1); May 16 - OR (7); May 25 - MT (1); Jun 20 - SC (1)
Green results in April 4 elections
Kenneth Mejia, U.S. House of Representatives, District 34 (Los Angeles County)
7th/23 candidates for 1 seat; 1962 votes, 4.87%

ILLINOIS (11, seven elected)
Jessica Bradshaw, City Council, Carbondale (Jackson County) Incumbent
2nd/4 candidates for three seats; 1037 votes, 24.39% ELECTED
Don Crawford, Library Board, St. Elmo (Fayette County) (incumbent)
1st/3 candidates for two seats, 709 votes, 25.03% ELECTED
Michael Drennan, Ridgeville Park and Recreation Board, Evanston (Cook County) (incumbent)
2nd/3 candidates for one seat, 902 votes, 25.03%
Steve De La Rosa, Library Board of Trustees, Villa Park (Dupage County)
3rd/4 candidates for 4 seats; 2,026 votes, 24.65% ELECTED
Charles Howe, Township Trustee, Carbondale (Jackson County)
5th/5 candidates; 887 votes, 16.74%
Partisan race
Russ Kramer, Township Highway Commissioner, Carbondale Township (Jackson County)
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 681 votes, 35.84%
Partisan race
Bruce Samuels, Oak Park Library Board Trustee (Cook County) (Incumbent)
5th/10 seats for four seats; 2390 votes, 7.62%
Holly Scholz, Fox Valley Park District, District 3 (Kane, DuPage, and Will Counties)
1st/4 candidates for two seats, 2874 votes, 35.67% ELECTED
Gary Shepherd, Carbondale Elementary School Board Member, District 95 (Jackson County)
4th/8 candidates for four seats; 700 votes, 12.33% ELECTED
Scott Summers, McHenry County Regional Board of School Trustees (McHenry County)
2nd/2 candidates for three seats, 15,807 votes, 49.03% ELECTED
Kyle Taylor, Kane County Regional Board of School Trustees, St. Charles Township (Kane County)
1st/1 candidate for one seat; 24,506 seats, 100% ELECTED

Johnathan McFarland, Mayor, St Louis
4th/6 candidates for one seat; 1,248 votes, 2.14%
Partisan race
Jerome Bauer, City Comptroller, St. Louis
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 7104 votes, 12.94%
Partisan race
Quinn Parks, Board of Alderman, Ward 7, St. Louis
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 493 votes, 20.26%
Partisan race
Kate Gore, Board of Alderman, Ward 9, St. Louis
2nd/2 candidates forr one seat; 182 votes, 9.15%
Partisan race
Hannah Donelle LaChance, Board of Alderman, St. Louis
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 268 votes, 15.95%
Partisan race
Stephanie Dingis, Board of Alderman, Ward 13, St. Louis
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 723 votes, 31.27%
Partisan race

WISCONSIN (3, one elected; more candidates pending further clarification)
Steve Arnold, Mayor, Fitchburg (Dane County) (incumbent)
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 2221 votes, 41.4%
Rebecca Kemble, Common Council, District 18, Madison (Dane County) (incumbent)
1st/1 candidate for one seat; 1647 votes, 98.4% ELECTED
Ali Muldrow, Metropolitan School Board, District 6, Madison (Dane County)
2nd/2 candidates for one seat; 20,536 votes, 44/1%


  Trump continued to be controversial as he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Florida on Apr 7-8; his House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes resigned with Rep Michael Conaway replacing him; his Advisor Steve Bannon was fired from the National Security Council; unemployment was 4.5%; the plan to defund sanctuary cities was blocked judicially; a tax reform plan outline was announced to benefit the rich; off-shore drilling for oil was to start; NAFTA was to be scrutinized; North Korea was naughty;
(Time Apr 17 p9,10(3),12,27,38;Apr 24 p7,10,24-29;   LAT Apr 2 A1(2),A2,A10,A11, A17,A18(2),B3; Apr 3 A8,A11;Apr 4 A1(2),A3,A5,A9,A10,A11(3),C1,E2;April 5 A1(3),A6,A12,A13(plus cartoon),B1,C2,C5,Apr 6 A1(3),A2,A6(2),A12,B2,B3,C1,C2(2); Apr 7 A1(3),A2,A3,A8,A11,A12(2),A13(2 plus cartoon),Apr 8 A1(3),A10,A11,B3,C2;Apr 9 A1,A19,A20(2),A21(cartoon),B1,Apr 10 A1(3),A4,A5,A13(2),B1, B2,B3,Apr 11 A1; A4(2),A8,A9,B1,B2;Apr 12 A1,A2,A6,A7,A10,A11(3),C1,E4;Apr 13 A1(3),A13,C2,C3; Apr 14 A1(2),A12,A13(2 plus cartoon),C3(2),Apr 15 A1(2),A7,B1,B3, B4,Apr 16 A1(3), A9,A10,A15,A16;B1;Apr 17 A1,A6,A11,B1;Apr 18 A1(2),A12,A13(3);Apr 19  A1,A15, B1,C1,E3;Apr 20 A1(2),A2,A6,B1,B2,B3,C1(2),C2,C3;Apr 21 A1,A6,A15(2 plus cartoon), B2(2),C1(2),C3(2),Apr 22 A1(3),C1,C2;Apr 23 A1,A8,A10,A20,A23;Apr 24 A1(2),B1,B3, Apr 25 A1(2),A4,A6,A10,C1;Apr 26 A1(2),A3,A6,A9,A13(2);Apr 27 A1(2),A4,A6,A12, B2,C4;Apr 28 A1(2),A8,A11(plus cartoon),B1,C1,C3,C6;Apr 29 A1 (2),A2,A4;Apr 30 A1, A7,A8(2),A13,A15,A16,B1,B4,C2; LA Weekly Apr 7 p36 (Henry Rollins column);Apr 21 p21 (Alice in Trumperland Wed Apr 26, May 10 at Second City Studio Theater),p40 (Henry Rollins column); Changelinks April p1(2),2,   Daily Bruin Apr 4 p4;Apr 6 p2;Apr 7 p4;Apr 14 A1,A4;Apr 21 p1,2;Apr 25 p3Apr 26 p1; .Vanguard Spring pp 12-19.
  Republicans are still plotting to replace ObamaCare (LAT Apr 5 A10,A13;Apr 14 C3(2); Apr 16 C1;Apr 21 A12;A15(cartoon);Apr 28 A1), and showing one-upmanship as unemployment dipped to 4.5% in March (LAT Apr 9 A13,C2;Apr 12 A11;Apr 20 A7;Apr 22 C1;Apr 24 A4; Apr 27 A2;Apr 29 A5).
  The intercine warfare between the Democratic Party machine personnel and the Bernieites relative to resisting Trump drew much comment (LAT Apr 23 A8;Apr 28 A11).
  Pot’s confusing status re federal and state laws continued to be confusing (LAT Apr 2 B2;   Apr 8 B2;Apr 11 B2;Apr 14 A11,B1;Apr 16 P6(2);Apr 21 B5,E14;Apr 23 B2;   LA Weekly Apr 14 p17,2326,20,30; Daily Bruin Apr  19 p1).
  The confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch, 49,  to replace Antonin Scalia as Supreme Court Justice continued with Republicans amending the rules to majority votes to stop filibusters and so allowing Gorsuch to be confirmed 54-45 with 3 Dem Senators voting for him [Donnelly (Indiana), Heitkamp (N Dakota), and Manchin (W Virginia)] before he was sworn in on Apr 10 (Time Apr 24 p10;  LAT Apr 3 A1;Apr 4 A5;Apr 5 A2;Apr 6 A8;Apr 7 A1;Apr 8 A1;Apr 9 A2;Apr 11 A5,A9;Apr 18 A6;    Daily Bruin Apr 6 p2).
  Kansas will not be expanding its Medicaid (LAT Apr 4 A9).
  Standing Rock continues to have protestors  (LAT Apr 11 B3;    Daily Bruin Apr 6 p4).
  Police shootings of Blacks continued (LAT Apr 8 A12;Apr 30 B5).
  Gun control was almost dead with the NRA bringing 5 lawsuits against the state of California for its gun laws (LAT Apr 16 A16;Apr 25 A1;    Daily Bruin Apr 21 p1).
  Internet neutrality is still at risk (LAT Apr 19 A14;Apr 27 A13,C1;Apr 30 C2).
  Single payer health care is still in the mix (LAT Apr 26 C1).
  Pay equality of women and men has been overturned (LAT Apr 28 C5).
  Climate marches were held in major cities across the U.S. on Apr 29 with 300,000 in Washington DC,  and some 300 sister marches in the U.S. including Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver,  Augusta, and Tampa (LAT Apr 30 A8).

  On Feb 10 2017,  94,720 or 0.49% of those able to vote were registered as Green Party signifying a halt in new registrations for the party   The Counties above 1% registration were: Alpine; Humboldt (near the top with 2.44%); Lake; Mendochino (top with 2.45%); Nevada; Santa Cruz; Sonoma; and Trinity.

  The deficit after the last state election was $76 million mostly for initiative reforms as unemployment dipped to 4.9% in March, the lowest for 10 years (LAT Apr 2 B3;Apr 3 B1(2);Apr 4 43;Apr 5 B3;Apr 6 A1,A12,B1;Apr 7 B3;Apr 9 A1,B3;Apr 10 A1;Apr 20 B1; Apr 22 B4,C1;Apr 25 B3;Apr 29 B1).
  The bullet train costs, now at $64 billion, are still increasing, and as the CEO will resign in June (LAT Apr 15 A1;Apr 21 B3;Apr 22 B1;Apr 26 B4;Apr 30 C2).
  The California Single Payer Healthplan made some noise (LAT Apr 3 B1;Apr 28 B3).
  Police excessive force consequences continued as allegations of an illegal police gun trade surfaced (LAT Apr 4 B3;Apr 14 B4;Apr 23 B10).
  California’s cap and trade system re industrial emissions into the environment has been legally upheld (LAT Apr 7 B3).
   Gov Brown declared California’s 5-year drought over on Apr 7 except in some San Joaquin Valley counties (LAT Apr 8 A1;Apr 12 A1;Apr 22 B1;Apr 30 A16;  Daily Bruin Apr 20 p3).
   Southern California Edison has agreed to begin to move some the nuclear waste from the defunct San Onofre nuclear power station (LAT Apr 8 C1).
   Excess force by police in California continued along with accusations of illegal gun dealing (LAT Apr 13 B1;Apr 16 B10;Apr 28 B3;  LA Weekly Apr 14 p8).
   A violent clash at Berkeley in its Martin  Luther King Jr Civic Center Park occurred on Apr 15 between supporters of Trump and his opposition that resulted in 21 arrested, 11 people injured, 6 hospitalized, and one person stabbed (LAT Apr 16 B1;Apr 18 A1). This follows  from 10 arrests and 7 injured in March at the same venue, and the violent protest against Milo Yiannopoulos in Feb at UC Berkeley that forced him to cancel his speaking engagement. UC Berkeley also rescheduled on Apr 19 the visit of right wing speaker Ann Coulter with lawsuits in the offing but Coulter canceled (LAT Apr 20 A1;Apr 21 B1;Apr 22 A11,B3;Apr 25 B1;Apr 26 A12,B3;Apr 27 A13,B1;Apr 28 B1).
  Flooding cropland to recharge aquifers is catching on (LAT Apr 17 A1).
  Calexit has been abandoned by its sponsor (LAT Apr 18 B1).
  The infestation of the shot hole borer beetle that is killing trees was bemoaned (LAT Apr 20 A1).
  Physician corruption to the tune of $40 million was noted as well as political corruption (LAT Apr 22 B3;Apr 28 B5).
  Prison reform initiated by Prop 57 is starting with prison inmates helping on another (LAT Apr 23 B1,B3).
   The special interests donations to elected state officials are now open to public scrutiny at  (LAT  Apr 23 B9).  Have fun, readers!
   The 17–year legal battle by 10 California cities and counties over lead based paint remediation by 3 paint companies (ConAgra Grocery Products Co;  NL Industries; and Sherwin-Williams Co) continues on and on, even though the use of lead based paint for houses was stopped in 1978  (LAT Apr 23 C1).  At least 2,000 children in LA County still have hugh blood lead levels. The lawsuit basis is on being a “public nuisance”­the deliberate use of a known toxin for profit--- rather than on ”product liability”.  The companies allege that the deterioration of the paint surfaces is a government housing code inforcement responsibility and not theirs and so they can’t be blamed.
  A state bank has been advocated (LAT Apr 26 A13).
  The President of the Univ California has been accused of squirreling money away in hidden accounts, some $175 million (LAT Apr 27 B1;Apr 30 A15,B2).
  Gang violence is still a problem (LAT Apr 28 B4) 

  The Kenneth Maija campaign for Congressional District 34 received some notice up to election day where 80% of the total campaign funds for the 24 candidates came from outside the District (LAT Apr 3 B2;Apr 4 B1). Jimmy Gomez and Robert Ahn will face off on June 6 (LAT Apr 5 A1;Apr 6 B1).  The final vote tallies were not published in the LA Times. Maija won 1,276 votes or 4.4% of the total vote and came in 7th.  The Green Party registration in LA County on Feb 10 2017 was 0.44%.  It was a great showing and considering and he raised about $55,000 from small donations.
   GPLAC had its meeting on Apr 23.  with the following agenda: .  Aria Pakathchi and Mathew Wheeler petitioned to become GPLAC members in State Senate District 21.  At its Mar 12 meeting, the GPLAC endorsed the April 29 Peoples Climate March in Wilmington and appointed Rachel Bruhnke as GPLAC representative to the organizing, and endorsed the South Bay Clean Power community choice aggregation as the local strategy to address climate change in South Bay. Since the June 7, 2017 County Council election, the LA Green Party County Council has grown from the seven members directly elected that day to 18 as of the March 12 County Council meeting, and 20 as of the April 23 meeting.

  The collusion between LA City Council members, non-profits and developers was explored (LAT Apr 5 A1;   LA Weekly Apr 7 pp7-13;Apr 21 p7).
  Deficits for the LA City Council loom as the spate of lawsuit payouts have increased (LAT Apr 3 B1; LAT Apr 4 B3;Apr 5 B3;Apr 18 B1;Apr 19  B1;Apr 20 B3).  Mayor Garcetti was upbeat in his state of Los Angeles speech in spite of the $263 million deficit, his $9.2 billion budget, and no mention of pensions or healthcare (LAT Apr 20 B2;Apr 22 B1;Apr 25 A10;Apr 30 B1).
  LAPD excessive force, body cams and other practices continued to attract discussion (LAT Apr 2 B1;Apr 4 B4;Apr 11 C2;Apr 17 A1;Apr 19  A1;Apr 24 A13;Apr 25 A11;Apr 26 B3; Apr 27 B1;Apr 28 A10,B1,B3; Daily Bruin Apr 11 p3).
  The LA County government targeted its problem deputies and is worried about lawsuits against the Sheriff’s office (LAT Apr 5 B1;Apr 9 A1;Apr 12 B5;Apr 27 B3;Apr 29 B1).
  The homeless continued to provoke controversy and skid row may have its own neighborhood council, a move that was promptly squelched  (LAT Apr 2 B1;Apr 5 B1;Apr 6 B1;Apr 8 B1,B3;Apr 14 A1;Apr 17 B1;Apr 18 B1;Apr 21 A1;Apr 23 A21;Apr 29 B3;      Daily Bruin Apr 11 p3;Apr 28 p7).
  The City of Los Angeles has been denied access to the ICE area of LAX (LAT Apr 3 B3).
   Black Lives Matter continues to protest at the Police Commission every Tuesday at 9:30a. and at City Council meetings (LAT Apr 6 B1; Changelinks April p3;May p1).
  The “modified hydrofluoric acid” substitute used in the old Exxon-Mobil oil refinery in Torrance was criticized (LAT Apr 2 B4).
  Leaking oil wells were concerns (LAT Apr 9 B4).
  Corruption continued (LAT Apr 9 B1;Apr 21 B4).
  Transit was news (LAT Apr 21 B4;Apr 22 B1; Daily Bruin Apr 11 p3(2);Apr 21 p4).
  Developer influence in Los Angeles’ cities was protested (Daily Bruin Apr 13 p4).
  Some 10,000 marched peacefully from Pershing Square to LA City Hall on Apr 15 to demand Trump declare his taxes (LAT Apr 16 A10,B5). Gerald Ford was the last President to not release his taxes. There were many other nationwide marches for the same cause.
  The Aliso Canyon/Porter Ranch leak aftermath continued (LAT Apr 16 C2).
  The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles still had labor problems (LAT Apr 29 C2).
  Earth Day in Los Angeles on Earth Day on Apr 22 saw 50,000 assemble at Pershing Square with about 25,000 continuing on marching to LA City Hall in defense of science (one of 41 in Calufornia), some 150,000 at the USC campus for the LA Times Festival of Books weekend, and the opening of a new national park near Chinatown and Boyle Heights that also attracted about a thousand people (LAT Apr 22 B1,B2;Apr 23 A1 (photo),A7,B1, B4; Daily Bruin  Apr 24 p1).
  LAUSD was criticized for being bought and sold (Changelinks May p8).

   Both John O’Brien and Shane Que Hee went to the March for Science on Apr 20 and the People’s Climate Change March on Apr 29. While some 50,000 jammed Pershing Square on Apr 20 only some 25,000 marched, most of them exhausted by the very long tedious speeches.  The rally at LA City Hall was smallish.  The Apr 29 march from Banning Park in Wilmington attracted some 7,000-10,000 at the assembly point who dropped like flies by the time they got to the Tesoro refinery’s front gate on Pacific Coast Highway with only 500-700 blocking the street led by the Red Indian contingent, and then being told to return to Banning Park.  The rally was poorly organized in spite of having Jane Fonda and Robert Kennedy Jr as featured speakers, with the MC stating “one more speaker!” for 5 separate times not helping. 
.  Out Against War and LA LGBT Greens have endorsed both major May Day marches.  Plan to meet 11a Monday May 1 at the NW corner of Wilshire/Alvarado opposite MacArthur Park. Bring banners, noise makers, and friends. After the march steps off at 12 noon we will also join the other march at Olympic/Broadway at 2p. with all to meet up at LA City Hall.  There other feeder marches all to meet at LA City Hall.
   On Wed May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, Chelsea Manning will come out of prison after seven years.  Celebrations are planned in London (U.K.), Boston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Her latest letter:
Letter from Chelsea - 13 February 2017
To those who have kept me alive for the past six years: minutes after President Obama announced the commutation of my sentence, the prison quickly moved me out of general population and into the restrictive housing unit where I am now held. I know that we are now physically separated, but we will never be apart and we are not alone. Recently, one of you asked me “Will you remember me?” I will remember you. How could I possibly forget? You taught me lessons I would have never learned otherwise.
When I was afraid, you taught me how to keep going. When I was lost, you showed me the way. When I was numb, you taught me how to feel. When I was angry, you taught me how to chill out. When I was hateful, you taught me how to be compassionate. When I was distant, you taught me how to be close. When I was selfish, you taught me how to share.
Sometimes, it took me a while to learn many things. Other times, I would forget, and you would remind me.
We were friends in a way few will ever understand. There was no room to be superficial. Instead, we bared it all. We could hide from our families and from the world outside, but we could never hide from each other.
We argued, we bickered and we fought with each other. Sometimes, over absolutely nothing. But, we were always a family. We were always united.
When the prison tried to break one of us, we all stood up. We looked out for each other. When they tried to divide us, and systematically discriminated against us, we embraced our diversity and pushed back. But, I also learned from all of you when to pick my battles. I grew up and grew connected because of the community you provided
Those outside of prison may not believe that we act like human beings under these conditions. But of course we do. And we build our own networks of survival.
I never would have made it without you. Not only did you teach me these important lessons, but you made sure I felt cared for. You were the people who helped me to deal with the trauma of my regular haircuts. You were the people who checked on me after I tried to end my life. You were the people that played fun games with me. Who wished me a Happy Birthday. We shared the holidays together. You were and will always be family.
For many of you, you are already free and living outside of the prison walls. Many of you will come home soon. Some of you still have many years to go.
The most important thing that you taught me was how to write and how to speak in my own voice. I used to only know how to write memos. Now, I write like a human being, with dreams, desires and connections. I could not have done it without you.
From where I am now, I still think of all of you. When I leave this place in May, I will still think of all of you. And to anyone who finds themselves feeling alone behind bars, know that there is a network of us who are thinking of you. You will never be forgotten.
SOURCE   The Guardian

  Terrorist actions occurred in Russia (Time Apr 17 p10;  LAT Apr 4 A3;Apr 5 A3);Sweden (Time Apr 24 p6;  LAT Apr 8 A3;Apr 10 A2(photo));Egypt (LAT Apr 10 A1); Germany (Time Apr 24 p8), France (LAT Apr 21 A4;Apr 26 A4).
  Refugees from Mosul have flooded camps as the civilian toll mounted and as the “official” U.S. death toll mounted to 4,536 (Time Apr 24 p30-37;   LAT Apr 2 A6,A7, A19;Apr 6 A3;Apr 23 A1,B9;Apr 24 A1).
  Fighting and bombings continued in Afghanistan with Russia reentering the picture as the U.S. deployed a 12 ton bomb, and as the “official” U.S. military death toll was 1,835 (LAT Apr 10 A3;Apr 11 A9;Apr 14 A1;Apr 15 A2,A3;Apr 23 A3,B9;Apr 25 A3;Apr 28 A4).
  Syria was accused of recently using chemical weapons (though accounts differed if the Syrians used them or dropped bombs on Apr 4 on Idlib on  the rebels who used them), and the U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from ships in the Mediterranean at the suspected Syrian military base responsible on Apr 6, drawing an “illegal” accusation from Russian President Putin as Syrian planes took off from the bombed airfield for more bombings [Russia, China, Iran, N Korea, and Cuba criticized the bombing] with the U.S. accusing Russia of covering up the Sarin depot and Syria accusing Israel of bombing it (Time Apr 17 p11,34;Apr 24 p6;Apr 24 p9;     LAT Apr 5 A1;Apr 6 A1,A13;Apr 7 B1(2),B2;Apr 8 A1,A3,A4, A8;Apr 9 A6;Apr 10 A4; Apr 11 A2,A3;Apr 12 A1,A4,A10;Apr 13 A1,A2;Apr 14 A1,A3,A4,A13,Apr 15 A6;Apr 16 A3;Apr 17 A1;Apr 18 A3(2);Apr 22 A1;Apr 23 A1;Apr 27 A4;Apr 28 A3;Apr 30 A3;    Daily Bruin Apr 14 A1; Changelinks May p1,7).
  The Egyptian dictator Abdul al-Sisi and dictator-in-waiting Trump got on like a house on fire at their Washington DC meeting in April; bombings occurred at Christian churches (Time Apr 17 p14;Apr 24 p14; LAT Apr 10 A1;Apr 11 A3;Apr 16 A1;Apr 22 A12).
  Iran has a May 19 election to prepare for as Trump reviewed its nuclear accord (Time Apr 24 p10;  LAT Apr 10 A3;Apr 13 A3;Apr 20 A1;Apr 21 A3;Apr 27 A4).
  Israel wants more bons-bons from Trump as the Palestianians still differed (LAT Apr 9 A6;Apr 19  A4).
  Taiwan and China are being more confrontive (LAT Apr 3 A3).
  N Korea was its usual bellicose self (Time Apr 17 p12; LAT Apr 10 A1,A2;Apr 14 A1; Apr 15 A1,A4;Apr 16 A1,A2,A6;Apr 17 A3;Apr 18 A1,A12;Apr 19  A15;Apr 20 A1;Apr 22 A1;Apr 23 A3;Apr 24 A3;Apr 25 A4;Apr 26 B4;Apr 27 A3;Apr 29 A1;   Daily Bruin Apr 25 p3; Changelinks May p1).
  The Little Cold War against Russia and China continued (Time Apr 17 p12,15,28,;  LAT Apr 3 A2,A4;Apr 8 A1,A8;Apr 9 A6;Apr 13 A1,A3,A13;Apr 23 A3;Apr 30 A4).
  Pres Erdogan of Turkey narrowly won his referendum to increase his powers amidst ballot-stuffing allegations and as he attacked the Kurds in Iraq and Syria (LAT Apr 17 A3;Apr 18 A1;Apr 21 A2;.Apr 26 A4).
   Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame was duly noted as one of the One Hundred Most Influential People in Time May 1 p78.
  The Armenian genocide was remembered (LAT Apr 25 A5,B2,E1;Apr 26 B2).

  Toshiba, the parent company of Westinghouse (since 2006) that declared bankrupcy, projected a $9.2 billion loss for 2016 due to cost overruns on building nuclear reactors in Georgia and South Carolina and decommissioning its crippled reactors at Fukushima (LAT Apr 12 C2;Apr 17 A8).
   Islamic state recruitment in the U.S. and any emergency responses to terrorist type acts still worries some (LAT Apr 15 A1; Daily Bruin Apr  19 p4).
  Robots, driverless cars, drones, driverless ships and trains were becoming more common (LAT Apr 15 C1;Apr 16 C2;Apr 19  C3;Apr 26 C2;Apr 29 C1,C4).
  Cyberhackers are being given stiff sentences (LAT Apr 22 A6).

  Wells Fargo is still in trouble over its fictitious bank accounts despite the settlement (Time Apr 24 p19;  LAT Apr 4 C2;Apr 8 C1;Apr 9 C2;Apr 11 A1;Apr 14 C2;Apr 16 C2 Apr 18 C2;Apr 20 C1;Apr 22 C1;Apr 23 C2(2);Apr 25 C1,C2;Apr 26 A1).
  Trump has started undermining the bank strictures of Dodd-Frank (LAT Apr 22 C1).
The National Lavender Green Caucus (NLGC) is the Green Party's advocacy group on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (GLBTIQ) issues. NLGC works for the elimination of heterosexism and all its manifestations such as homophobia, violence, prejudice, and injustice against GLBTIQ communities. NLGC also works for the elimination of racism and sexism and all their manifestations in GLBTIQ communities and in society as a whole, and our work is centered in ten key values and four pillars of the Green Party of the United States. The caucus recognizes that freedom and social justice for GLBTIQ individuals will only come with the liberation of all people, and we actively view ourselves as a part of a broader movement for social justice.

ANTIWAR VIGILS: Wed Noon-1p, Molecule Man Statue Also/Temple;
Fri 5-7p at Vista Theater at Sunset Blvd./Hollywood Bl./Hillhurst Av./Virgil Av. junction; Echo Park, Echo Park/Sunset; Fri 5-6p, Pico/La Cienega; Fri, 6.30-7.30p at Mar Vista Park at Palms/McLaughlin; Fri, Topanga Fri 4:30-5:30p Pine Tree Center,120 S Topanga Canyon Blvd; Fri 5-7p Bristol/Anton, Costa Mesa; Fri 6-9p, Neito/Belmont Shore, Long Beach; 4TH Fri 5-6p, San Pedro between 2nd an 3rd Sts, Little Tokyo; Sat 11a-1p, PCH/ Ocean Beach, Laguna Beach; Sat 4-6p, Colorado/Eagle Rock;
ARLINGTON WEST MEMORIAL AT SANTA MONICA PIER BEACH: Sundays until Troops Come Home, 7:30-9:30a to 6:00-7:00 p at Santa Monica Pier (North Side)
PEACE CENTER, 3916 S Sepulveda Blvd between Venice/Washington Place, Culver City 90230.  Many events.
OCCUPY LOS ANGELES GENERAL ASSEMBLIES, Have shut down.; Occupy Fights Foreclosures meets Sun 2-6p Dennys, 530 Ramirez St, behind Union Station 
OCCUPY VENICE GENERAL ASSEMBLIES, Still meeting, 681 Venice Blvd, Mon 8p

CLOSE GUANTANAMO NOW: Call Senator Feinstein: (202)224-3841; Call for the immediate release of the 50 cleared to be released.
Sign the petition at:
We recommend general support of Black Lives Matter; actions aimed at excessive police force such as at Ferguson, New York, and Los Angeles, and of anti-Syria and anti-Iraq War related actions. We endorse all events that support minimization of human impact on climate change and the environment. We support closing Guantanamo Bay prison and the naval installation.  JOIN US!
Mon May 1 May Day Marches, Los Angeles: Meet 11a NW Corner Wilshire/Alvarado opposite MacArthur Park. Bring banners, noise makers, and friends.  Look for our rainbow banner. After stepping off at 12 noon, we will join the march from Broadway/Olympic around 2p.  All marches will converge at LA City Hall.
Wed May 17: Chelsea Manning RELEASE.    CELEBRATE!!
Sat/Sun June 17/18 GPCA General Assembly in Sacramento,

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