Run for Office as a Green!

Have you had enough of business-as-usual politics in the Ocean State?

Are you ready to stand with the party of people, peace, and planet that serves those of us in the 99%?

Be the change you know can be - Run for office as a Green!

For far too long Rhode Island has been run as a corporatist business-as-usual state where the interests of the rich and connected are put before the needs of the rest of us who should be given and deserve more resources and support. The two-party system is a sham, hopelessly corrupted by corporate greed and the special interests of the 1%. We know this! As we watch our environment continues to degrade deteriorate due to the effects of fossil fuels, climate change, and pollution, we Rhode Islanders are know that something is wrong and that the old ways of doing things are simply not going to accommodate these our needs or the needs of our planet.

If you are one of these people a person who imagines life as it could be, consider running run for office as a Green Party candidate! For more than 20 years the Green Party of Rhode Island has been actively engaged with grassroots politics and various powerful efforts to promote social justice and equality for all. Join us!

Join the Green Party of Rhode Island!

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Sign Our Petition to the RI Congressional Delegation!

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