Spread the Word with Our Street Team!

The Green Party of Rhode Island is a people-powered party of the 99%. This means we depend on grassroots support as opposed to corporate sponsors to help promote our growth and build our base in the Ocean State. One important way to do this is through volunteering to help our Street Team!

The Street Team will go into communities and promote the Green Party by hanging flyers and engaging with potential voters in centers that residents of a voting district congregate in. These flyers are small, lightweight, and can fit comfortably inside a purse, backpack, or other travel bag. These can be places like libraries, laundromats, coffee shops, bakeries, community centers, and any other place where the public gathers. Building these relationships in a one-on-one fashion is the key to growth of any grassroots movement and can become long-term connections.

If you would like to participate in this effort, click here to join the party!

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